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Why not enjoy Amsterdam on your way to Switzerland? We found a way to make layovers the best part of the trip.

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What we can do, however,
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Awesome places to visit

*prices do no reflect current prices
Paris, France
Starting from $299
New York, USA
Starting from $49
Tokyo, Japan
Starting from $49
Ottawa, Canada
Starting from $49
Bangkok, Thailand
Starting from $49

We cover your
layover experience


So you are a night owl looking for some ‘trouble’?

Our system will tell you whether you just have time for a few drinks in an authentic bar or can hit an all-night dance party in one of the city’s finest venue.

Soak up the nightlife of the place you layover in and arrive at the final destination with unforgettable memories.


Want to spend your layover away from terminals and city noise? - Sounds like fun.

We will tell you exactly how much time you have to take a walk, find a perfect destination for camping or organize a little picnic in the most scenic surroundings the city you are in has to offer.


If you are looking at layover over 8-12 hours (or an overnight connection), you don’t really have other options but to crash somewhere And when we say ‘somewhere’, we don’t mean on a row of old airport chairs with your bag as a pillow.

We will help you find cheap accommodation and make sure you board the plane the next day fully recharged and without neck pain.


If you are a gourmand - or simply hungry from the flight - this is the best option for you.

Explore the finest restaurants in the area and ‘taste’ another culture at your convenience, without haste or worrying that you will be late for the next flight.


The most exciting thing you can do in a new city is to get lost.

Leave the airport, take out a map and… Just walk.
Our system will make sure you are back on time.


There are not many better ways to spend a few hours and learn about a city you are in than by visiting a couple of its museums.

Art, history, specialty museums, science centers, zoos, aquariums, botanic gardens, arboretums, nature centers, historic sites… It’s up to you.


Why spend hours in terminals when you can learn more about the history and culture of a beautiful city you find yourself in? (And take some breathtaking photos along the way)

Depending on the location, time that you have and your personal preferences, you can join a walking tour, enter a sightseeing bus or even relax on a cruise.

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Flights Adjust to You
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No more waking up in the middle of the night and rushing to the airport.
(Unless, of course, you enjoy it)
With Airmadic, you can use countless filters to
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From price range to duration of the flight,
you can select criteria that are important to you
and let the rest of the world adjust.